Geographical & Physical Features



Maximum Minimum


47 °C 32 °C


15 °C 01°C

Jhunjhunu in Summer-

The summer season starts in the month of March and ends in the month of May.

Temperatures range from a minimum of 32°C and can rise up to a maximum of

47°C. Day temperatures are extremely high and if one is visiting during the summer,

one should definitely be prepared for the harsh conditions. The peak summer season

is during the month of May.


Jhunjhunu in Winter-

The winter season is from December to February. Temperatures range from

one degrees Celsius to a maximum of 15°C. December and January are the

coldest months.


Jhunjhunu in Monsoon-

The monsoon season lasts from the months of June to September. The place

gets a reasonable amount of rainfall during the monsoon season and the

conditions are much milder. The months of October and November experience

mild conditions and this is the best time to visit the place.