Rani Sati Fair:

The Rani Sati Mela in Jhunjhunu which is in the northern part of Shekhawati, attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists from all over the globe. The fair is held at The Rani Sati Temple. All along the duration of the fair, the faithful and pilgrims indulge in prayers in memory of the merchant’s widow who committed Sati. She had sacrificed her life on her husband’s pyre in the year 1595. The Rani Sati temple has the distinction of being one of the ancient pilgrimages in the country. The temple has unprecedented work and is historic in nature which warrants a special visit to the place.

Bhado Amavasya means no-moon day and on this day a holy Pujanutsav is held in Jhunujhunu in the Rani Sati temple. Crowds gather just to get a glimpse of the majestic Shri Rani Satiji on this auspicious day.


Shekhawati Festival:

A joint effort of the State Department of Tourism, District administration of Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu, and the M.R. Morarka- GDC Rural Research Foundation, Shekhawati Festival has put Shekhawati on the list of rural tourist attraction. Tourist can closely watch the true life of the villagers and the greenery of the countryside while riding on the horseback and see the agricultural revolution of the villages while they experience the simplicity and warmth of the villagers. The region now exports 80 per cent of its crops as compared to the production that was just 10 per cent of its requirement, a few years back.

The featured programmes are one-day tour of the region, farm visits, rural games, camel and jeep safaris, cultural programmes, competitions of the havelis (which emphasizes the need of preservation of the invaluable heritage), and splendid fireworks.


Ramdev Fair:

This fair is held at Nawalgarh city of Rajasthan. Named after Baba Ramdev, he was believed to have magical powers and is believed that he is an embodiment of lord Krishna. Respected by both the Hindus and Muslims this fair is celebrated in the honor of death anniversary of Baba Ramdev.



Gangaur is the colourful and one of the most important festivals of people of junjhunu and is observed throughout the jhunjhunu with great fervour and devotion by womenfolk who worship Gauri, the consort of Lord Shiva during March–April. It is the celebration of spring, harvest and marital fidelity. Gana is a synonym for Lord Shiva and Gaur which stands for Gauri or Parvati who symbolizes Saubhagya. The unmarried women worship her for being blessed good husband, while married women do so for the welfare, health and long life of their husbands and happy married life.



Mandawa Holi is famous and most popular Holi in Shekhawati region in Rajasthan.

All the people together commemorate this festival and enjoy a lot.

Mandawa’s Holi celebration is famous for its dry Holi only with “GULAL” and their programs of “DHAP” and “Folk Songs” and “Dance”.

Singing, dancing and the traditional beats of dhol add to the gaiety of the occasion.